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Against the Odds magazine investigates military history from a broad perspective. The economic, political, religious and social aspects of warfare are examined in concert with events on the battlefield.

Each issue of ATO features:

Informative and insightful articles showcasing the history behind events, plus regular columns by noted game designers providing insight on the latest trends and events.

A challenging, fun wargame that drops the players into truly desperate situations but gives them multiple options to alter history.

Professionally printed graphics, complete with large playing map and 200 to 360 die cut playing pieces.

And much more! Look for Against the Odds to cover simulation design issues, order of battle research, rule writing, play testing and graphic techniques as it evolves. Get yourself truly "connected" with games and gaming by subscribing to Against the Odds!

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ATO Annual and Campaign Studies Addenda

ATO Pocket Battle Games Addenda

ATO Magazine Addenda

Issue 47, Arctic Disaster (as of 11/8/18)

Issue 46, No Middle Ground (as of 3/12/17)

Issue 45, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon (as of 6/6/16)

Issue 44, Vercingetorix (as of 2/29/16)

Issue 43, Islands of the Damned (as of 5/5/15)

Issue 42, A Thunder Upon the Land (as of 11/18/16)

Issue 41, Circle Of Fire (as of 5/14/16)

Issue 40, Lilliburlero (as of 5/18/17)

Issue 39, These Brave Fellows (as of 11/11/18)

Issue 38, Guns of the Askari (as of 7/18/15)

Issue 37, For Bloody Honor (as of 10/15/17)

Issue 36, Defeat Into Victory (as of 7/24/13)

Issue 35, Boudicca: The Warrior Queen (as of 11/25/16)

Issue 34, Issue 34, Right Fierce & Terrible and Schwarm! (as of 10/25/12)

Issue 33, Meatgrinder and Bloody Hunlikely! (as of 10/10/13)

Issue 32, Birth of a Legend (as of 8/25/18)

Issue 31, Hungarian Nightmare (as of 8/1/12)

Issue 30, The Lash of the Turk and When The West Came East (as of 1/6/12)

Issue 29, Buffalo Wings (as of 9/12/18)

Issue 28, "Tarleton's Quarter!" (as of 3/1/15)

Issue 27, The Pocket at Falaise (as of 7/25/12)

Issue 26, There Must Be a Victory (as of 10/18/11)

Issue 25, Storm Over Taierzhuang (as of 10/18/11)

Issue 24, Deathride (as of 4/15/2009)

Issue 23, Guerra a Muerte (as of 12/28/17)

Issue 22, Paukenschlag and Winds of War (as of 10/21/08)

Issue 21, Day of the Chariot: Kadesh and Desert Duel (as of 5/13/17)

Issue 20, A Fatal Attraction (as of 8/23/12)

Issue 19, Not War But Murder (as of 11/23/07)

Issue 18, Kulikovo, 1380: The Golden Horde (as of 4/1/07)

Issue 17, Imperial Sunset (as of 3/10/09)

Issue 16, La vallee de la mort and Na San (as of 11/7/06)

Issue 15, Cactus Throne (as of 4/28/06)

Issue 14, War in the Aegean and Assault on Narvik (as of 7/9/06)

Issue 13, Bittereinder (as of 12/10/17)

Issue 12, Chennault's First Fight (as of 10/3/07)

Issue 11, The Big Push (as of 7/8/12)

Issue 10, Into a Bear Trap (as of 2/18/11)

Issue 9, Suleiman the Magnificent (as of 10/25/13)

Issue 8, Fortress Berlin and On To Berlin (as of 10/15/11)

Issue 7, A Dark and Bloody Ground (as of 5/18/17)

Issue 6, Go Tell the Spartans (as of 9/12/10)

Issue 5, North Wind Rain (as of 5/25/16)

Issue 4, Napoleon at the Berezina (as of 1/20/04)

Issue 3, Kesselschlacht (as of 8/31/04)

Issue 2, Khe Sanh, 1968 (as of 11/15/08)

Issue 1, Hegemon (as of 5/15/02)

All Addenda is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) unless otherwise noted.

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Spotlight back issue

No Middle Ground


"I was wrong on everything. We shall have to withdraw on the Golan Heights...and hold on to the last bullet."

-- Moshe Dayan, 1700 hours, Oct. 7, 1973.


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