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Against the Odds magazine investigates military history from a broad perspective. The economic, political, religious and social aspects of warfare are examined in concert with events on the battlefield.

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Stand At Mortain

Following the defeat of the British and Canadian offensives of Operations Goodwood and Spring, in August 1944 the Germans redeployed several panzer divisions to shut down the American Operation Cobra offensive by attacking due west to the sea. The fiercest fighting occurred to the north and east of Mortain at Hill 314 (hex 1501 on the game map) where surrounded Americans of the 2nd Battalion of the 120th Regiment threw back repeated German attacks. Control of the high ground here would make the Mortain position nearly untenable, and with it the main Allied supply route from Normandy south would be severed.

Some Poles Apart

Their world collapsed around them in September, 1939 but the brave Polish defenders at Danzig put up such a fight the Germans were forced to grant them alone "honors of war" to end the fighting. Truly, they were Some Poles Apart, the second Pocket Battle Game from ATO!

Showtime Hanoi

F-4 Phantoms and MiGs clash over North Vietnam as Randy Cunningham and Willy Driscoll do battle with the famous (yet mysterious) NVA ace, Colonel Tomb. Yes, ATO brings you a complete air battle on a postcard with Showtime Hanoi, the third Pocket Battle Game in the series. Collect them all!

"Morgan's a' Comin'!"

Rebel raider John H. Morgan defies orders, crossing the Ohio River in the summer of 1863 to bring war to the Yankees! All across the Midwest his incursion results in numerous alarms, property damage, and Union fears that he will link up with Robert E. Lee. While the raid succeeds in diverting a small Union army away from Bragg, the fierce pace and determined Union resistance wears the invaders away to little more than a small band, all being captured in the end. Could Morgan have tipped the balance on not one, but two fronts? Find out with "Morgan's a' Comin'!"

The Toast of the Town

Iceni Queen Boudica takes ancient London by storm as her warriors decend upon the frightened inhabitants. A single Roman legion must fend off the barbarian horde and hold open the escape route over the Thames River.

Paying the Peiper

Dec. 16th 1944 - A seemingly quiet front, where both sides appear content to rest and refit their tired troops, US forces are badly bloodied as Kampfgruppe Peiper erupts out of the Ardennes! Yet the day will see Col. Peiper frustrated more by his own friendly forces in front of his spearheads, than enemy resistance.

"La Garde recule!"

With time running out to win at Waterloo, Napoleon unleashes his Imperial Guard to smash through the last defenders of the Allied ridgeline. A man who once launched entire armies at his foes now gambles his empire upon a mere five battalions - but what battalions! History knows few finer forces... Will they succeed, or be hurled back, raising the incredulous cry across the French Army, "La Garde recule!"

The Union Forever!

It was a war so grand in cause, so vast in theater, and so bitter was the shadow cast on the hearts of its participants that we argue over it to this day. A great deal was settled, and a greater deal was left unsettled. Yes, Against the Odds brings you the entire American Civil War…on a postcard! Get yours today.

Operation Cerberus

Some may say that the investment Nazi Germany made in surface ships was a gross misplacement of resources. But things like the hunt for the Bismarck certainly made for interesting stories, didn't they? One of the most interesting happened on February 11, 1942, when, complying with an order from Hitler that the navy did not much care for, Vice Admiral Otto Ciliax led some of Germany's most powerful naval units on a daring run…right up the English Channel. It sounds like madness, and in fact, was so unexpected, that they got away with it! The Germans called it Operation Cerberus. The British always referred to it as "The Channel Dash."

Marschall Vorwärts!

In 1813 Coalition forces under the indomitable FM Blücher ("Marshal Forwards") drive into Napoleon's rear to seize control of the vital supply routes feeding into the city of Leipzig, and as a consequence, seriously disrupt the French main attack to the south.

"A Matter of Honor, Sire"

The battle to the northeast of Leipzig was one of missed opportunities for the Coalition. The King of Sweden's (Bernadotte) subordinates were forced to challenge his honor just to get him to take part, and he still arrived late and in the wrong place. Can you do better?

The Nations Assemble

Napoleon's plan for victory at Leipzig requires a bold thrust south - straight at Europe's assembled might! This battlefield saw units from a host of Allied nations battling with the French Grand Army for control of the crucial crossroads, bridges, and supply depots at Leipzig.

Trapping the Ogre

The southwest portion of the Leipzig battlefield saw Coalition units thrusting north to seize the only practical line of retreat west still open to the French. Success meant trapping the French for a truly "Napoleonic" style victory in reverse.

Surrender Unto Caesar!

In a final decisive move, the warlord of Gaul, Vercingetorix, occupies the hilltop of Alesia and accepts a Roman siege. Before being encircled, he send out messengers summoning every Gaul in the country to his rescue. Caesar in turn digs in twice around the town, facing both inwards and outwards, supremely prepared to fight on two fronts!

Behold a Pale Glider

10 May 1940: a handful of German troops using gliders (painted light blue underneath to match the sky) land atop Eben Emael, Belgium's strongest fort. The complex was a linchpin in Allied hopes of disrupting any German offensive. Losing it in just a few hours was baffling (and terrifying). This two-player game simulates this key event in the fall of France.

Not Men But Devils

Refight the Battle of Camerone, a ten hour fight in the heat and dust near Vera Cruz on April 30th 1863 between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army. Regarded as a defining moment in the Foreign Legion's history, after the battle and learning just how few French troops there were, the Mexican commander exclaimed, "These Are Not Men, They Are Devils!"


The unification of the Hawai'ian Islands under one king was a difficult and sometimes dark process, with a war between the islands lasting 28+ years, including many battles, slaughter, the influences of Western military technology, and even a volcano eruption that smashed one of the armies (some of their footprints on solid lava are still visible today). Play Imua! to see just how much "trouble in paradise" there was.

Utah Beach

The westernmost beach, Utah, was added late to the invasion plan. The objective was to secure a beachhead on the Cotentin Peninsula, and rapidly seal it off, both to prevent the Germans from reinforcing the vital port at Cherbourg, and capture it as quickly as possible. The US amphibious assault here was supported by airborne landings as well. Part of the Five for Fighting PBG series.

Omaha Beach

The primary objective at Omaha Beach was to secure a deep beachhead, link up with the British landings at Gold to the east, and stretch out to the west to link up with US landings at Utah. Very little went as planned during the landing at Omaha. The defenders were unexpectedly strong, and inflicted heavy casualties on landing US troops. Part of the Five for Fighting PBG series.

Gold Beach

British troops landing at Gold Beach were tasked to secure a beachhead, capture Arromanches, then move west to link up with the US forces at Omaha, and also east to link up with the Canadian forces at Juno. They came up against vast improvements to the fortifications by the German defenders made under the leadership of Rommel. Part of the Five for Fighting PBG series.

Juno Beach

Tasked to go the farthest inland on D-Day, the Canadians' mission was to cut the Caen-Bayeux road, seize the Carpiquet airport near Caen, and form a link between the two British beaches on either flank. Taking heavy casualties in the opening minutes, strength of numbers, coordinated fire support from artillery, and their armored squadrons prevailed. Part of the Five for Fighting PBG series.

Sword Beach

The easternmost beach, Sword, proved the easiest, where the initial landings suffered low casualties. Moving off the beach was trickier, as units were slowed by traffic congestion and met resistance in heavily-defended areas behind the beachhead. Then came the only German armored counter-attack of the day, mounted by the 21st Panzer Division. Part of the Five for Fighting PBG series.

GoTo Hell!

In the pre-dawn darkness, Japan's Col. Goto launches a massive (by Japanese standards) armored attack against the US Marines on Saipan. All but one of his 44 tanks were wrecks by morning. Marines joked that Japan's T-97 tanks were nothing more than "kitchen sinks."

Barring the Gate

Viewed as an easy capture by Napoleon on the morning of Waterloo, the stout defense of Château d'Hougoumont ended up diverting and absorbing an entire French corps of troops! The prolonged action throughout the day completely derailed Napoleon's plans to quickly shatter the Anglo-Allied forces before the Prussians arrived. The gate is barred, can you break through?"



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Download link rules (in PDF format) to combine all four of Peiper's battles into a large campaign game

Download link rules (in PDF format) to combine all four Leipzig battles into a large campaign game

Download link rules (in PDF format) to expand and combine all Five for Fighting battles into a large campaign game.

Download the base and expansion rules (in PDF format) for our Operation Cerberus game.