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Against the Odds magazine investigates military history from a broad perspective. The economic, political, religious and social aspects of warfare are examined in concert with events on the battlefield.

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47 - Arctic Disaster

47 - Arctic Disaster

Volume 12, Issue 3 (#47) Arctic Disaster

"One of the most melancholy naval episodes in the whole of the war."

-- Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister

Arctic Disaster is a simulation of one of the most bitter naval convoy runs of the Second World War: PQ-17. Designer Mark Stille (North Wind Rain, Imperial Sunset, Hungarian Nightmare and Wintergewitter) brings us his fresh insights on why even today this grim naval battle fight continues to raise unanswered questions on the command and responsibility of both sides.

48 - Apocalypse in the East

48 - Apocalypse in the East

Volume 12, Issue 4 (#48) Apocalypse in the East

From the highlands of Armenia to the shores of Crete, the elite Syrian army and navy prepares to overwhelm the last stronghold of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople.

For the frightened citizens of Constantinople, it was the Apocalypse, THEN...!

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49 - A Gate of Hell

49 - A Gate of Hell

Volume 13, Issue 1 (#49) A Gate of Hell

“The defenses of Charleston are like a porcupine hide with the quills turned outside in.”

-- USN Rear Admiral Samuel F. Du Pont

After Gettysburg and Vicksburg, another Union victory in 1863 at Charleston, South Carolina, the very heart of the Confederacy, would send an unmistakable signal to the states in rebellion as well as the rest of the world that the rebel’s cause was lost and further fighting a waste of lives and effort.

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50 - Die Atombombe

50 - Die Atombombe

Volume 13, Issue 2 (#50) Die Atombombe

“We have invisible aircraft, submarines, colossal tanks and cannon, unbelievably powerful rockets, and a bomb with a working that will astonish the whole world.... All my words are the purest truth. That you will see. We still have things that need to be finished, and when they are finished, they will turn the tide.”

-- Adolf Hitler addressing 9th Army officers, March 1945

Just how close was Germany to actually getting the Bomb?

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51 - "Almost a Miracle!"

51 -

Volume 13, Issue 3 (#51) "Almost a Miracle!"

When asked about it, years after it ended, George Washington said that the American victory was "little short of a standing miracle."

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52 - Operation Ichi-Go

52 - Operation Ichi-Go

Volume 13, Issue 4 (#52) Operation Ichi-Go

Operation Ichi-Go (“Number One”) against the Chinese was the largest ground offensive in Japanese history, with 500,000 troops, 800 tanks and massive logistics and artillery support. They used their tanks in armored divisions – the only time in the war they deployed such concentrations.

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53 - ROME, INC.

53 - ROME, INC.

Volume 14, Issue 1 (#53) ROME, INC.

"Augustus…rid the company of all its enemies, even friendly ones, built the enterprise to a state of perfection, establishing a global corporate empire that could have run forever in peace and harmony if it had been managed properly."

-- Stanley Bing

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